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Electric Bicycle Motor kits $375
Road legal 250 Watt, plus 400 Watt and 1,000 Watt electric motors.

Our latest 250 Watt bicycle motor conversion kits are designed to comply with recent amendments to legislation for pushbikes. The previous limit of 200W maximum power has been increased to 250W for electric motors which comply with 250 Watt European “pedalec” standard EN15194.

250W Electric Motor Kit

Our 250W and 400 W electric hub motor kits operate on 36 Volts to ensure that the “current draw” does not overload the batteries. The 36Volt systems have been designed to ensure that:
The 1,000W electric hub motor operates on a 48Volt system. The additional voltage is provided on our larger hub motor as many 36 Volt batteries cannot supply continuous power quickly enough. The 48V ensures that the power limits of the battery does not impair the performance of the 1,000W motor.
1) The motor is operating to its capacity;
2) The batteries are not stressed (the higher current draw on lower voltage systems can shorten battery life) and
3) The extra voltage battery packs provide greater travel distance when compared to 24 Volt and other lower voltage systems.

Battery Indicator on 250W Electric Motor

ZBox quality continues with these high quality bicycle motor kits providing everything required to convert your bicycle to the latest, most powerful, road legal bicycle standards (batteries sold separately).

You can supply your own battery if you prefer or choose from two ZBox battery options:-
A HIGH POWER 36 Volt, 12 AH*, lead acid (SLA**) battery packs for $210

A sleek, elegant, light, brushed metal “drink flask” style lithium ion battery – 36 Volt, 9 AH Li-ION. Lithium Ion batteries are supplied with a charger for $380

ZBox engine kit comes complete with all parts you will need (batteries sold separately).

(Notes: *AH - Amper Hour, **SLA -Sealed Lead Acid.
Battery power is rated in both voltage and the current that the battery can deliver for one hour. (So 36V, 14 AH = 36x14 = 504 Watts delivered for one hour of operation)

Photos of electric and petrol bicyce conversions

Racing electric Bicycle
electric race bicyce
Old Sytle Electric Bicycle
old style electric bicycle

Hi Warren, petrol tap received today that fixed my carby flooding.

This bike was bought under $90 from Big W, front frame 45mm can be squeezed to 30mm to suit motor mountings with 2 pieces of wood (no paint damage)

Placed twist grip on the left hand side, derailer leaver positioned on hand bars so I could keep the 18 speed Shimmano gears, fitted a digital trip meter speedo and all very works well..Thanks for your help.

Kind regards David....

PS: Rubber strip from the bin at Ultra Tune from a car air filter seal fits around the petrol tank edge so you can't knock your knee when pedaling.

Conversion by Brenton of Mount Osmond 2009

G’day Warren

Thanks again for a great product and service.
If you want to use any of the attached photos of my bike with newly fitted ZBox motor, you are welcome.

brenton zbox 1
brenton zbox 2
brenton zbox 3
brenton zbox 4

Brenton of Mount Osmond (South Australia)

Want to turn your Bicycle into a Motorcycle?

Now you can!

Why pay over $300 for a conversion kit when you can buy our Super Z48-3 48cc kits for AUD$235 + plus freight.

Why is ZBOX Australia so much less expensive?

The kits include everything you will need to convert a regular V-frame bicycle into a clutch-start moped. Kits include an air cooled 48cc 2 stroke engine, fuel tank, throttle with kill switch, cables, mounting brackets, heavy duty chain and rear sprocket, stylish chrome exhaust, instruction and maintenance manual.

click here to order

What will you need?
1. Basic tools.
2. Some mechanical ability.
3. Time.

Click here if you want a fully assembled motorised bicycle.

ZBOX Australia is a wholesale importing business - we sell the best engineered bicycle engines and parts at the lowest price in Australia.

This bike was built by Jay of ACT 2006
Great idea - removing stickers. Looks real classy.

Email and photos from Jay of ACT.

Hi Warren,

ZBox Engine (delivered); $254

KMart Aircraft Aluminium Silver Mountain Bike (on special this week) $120

Turning heads and creating conversation with a $374 'Moped'..... Priceless!

I'm really happy with the way it turned out Warren, with most of the stickers removed from the frame exposing the shiny aluminium,  it looks a treat against the engine and the black fuel tank.

Apart from the modern yellow front forks, the bike looks a bit like one of the very early motorbikes, but I have got some nice modern conveniences like the aluminium led tube light and digital speedo.

The speedo is a must! Do you have any idea how hard it is to keep the speed below 25kph during the 'run-in' period. It just wants to haul ass!!

I can’t get over how many folk want to wave you down to ask about the bike, or walk over at the local shops to have a closer look. I cannot recommend enough how good this engine kit is, my wife says she hasn't seen me smile this much for a while.      

Enjoy the photo’s.

Cheers,  Jay

also available in the larger 66cc version click here

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