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ZBox bicycle motors used to develop skills for the mining sector

Anglo American and the Queensland Minerals and Energy Academy (QMEA) support local youth by providing trade skills training using ZBox engines as a key part of their program.

Bicycle Motor Project team

The training centres hold week-long day camps for students, where a key project is to build motorised bikes using ZBox engines.
Through MINT, local students aspiring to a trade such as diesel fitters or electricians, are provided an opportunity to experience life in a simulated mining workshop.
The students work alongside Anglo American apprentices, tradespeople and other field experts on a range of activities that demonstrate their technical capabilities, team work and problem solving to create a powered bicycle.
QMEA employees attended each day to coach and supervise - some of whom gave up their own time to be involved - which providing students opportunities to network with tradespeople and other industry experts while developing mentor relationships.
Anglo American Talent Manager, Debbie Butler, said
"Anglo American was happy to partner with the QMEA to bring projects to our local communities that delivered fresh opportunities for young people."
"Through initiatives like the MINT program and by completing real projects like the motorised bike build, students obtain real work experience by living through what it is actually like to work in a trade and in a team, rather than just imagining it what it might be like.
"Most importantly, Anglo American's partnership with the QMEA helps the students start thinking about their futures, while promoting the exciting opportunities that await them in the resources sector."
Local business provided great discounts for the decorating material for the bikes.
"There was a real sense of community and pride for the young talent from the local area on display throughout the week," she said.
Debbie said the MINT camp was hopefully just the first step in a long relationship with the students. Students participating in the camp have successfully completed competencies that will go towards the achievement of a Certificate II in Resources and Infrastructure Operations. They are also registered as Minerals and Energy (ME) Crew and will be supported by the QMEA in their quest to progress their individual career goals into the resource sector.

ZBox are very happy to be involved with QMEA and Anglo American training young Australians
Steve Baillie (Manager of ZBox) Thanked QMEA Project Officer Bob Baker for organising the workshops and UK based mining giant, Anglo American.
"This training is fantastic" Steve said, "It is wonderful that Anglo American is teaming up with QMEA to provide targeted training for our mining sector."
This training focusses on the skills essential to the mining sector and Bob targets areas of high youth unemployment to bring the expertise and contacts that are essential to help young Australians find employment in the mining sector."

For more information on QMEA training, contact:
Jacqui Strambi on 0439 774 526

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