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ZBOX Imports-Australia are importers and wholesalers of top class complete 48cc bicycle engine kits. We are happy to import these great engines to Australia and sell them to you with a very small profit margin.

ZBOX leaves many opportunities for you to make a full-time business or part-time business using our product.

If you are mechanically minded you can consider buying our motors and fitting them to bicycles and reselling the finished motorised bicycle. One seller in Australia is selling motorised bicycles for over $1400.00 - our advice is not to be so greedy and you will sell many more units and have many happy buyers. You can easily sell the complete unit for half that amount and make a nice return from your efforts.

Another avenue for a great business is to build a small fleet of motorised bicycles and hire them out on a day or half day basis to riders in tourist areas. Backpackers and youth hostels are a ready market to explore.

There are many opportunities to make extra dollars and you will also get the satisfaction of building up a business for yourself and your family.

ZBOX Imports-Australia will be behind you all the way with a fabulous engine, friendly service and a ready supply of spare parts.

Please contact Stephen Baillie CEO of ZBOX Imports-Australia on (07) 5592 5660 or 0420 660 866.

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adelaide ride
Getting ready for a big ride in Adelaide 2009

Skill and imagination - magic results!

This fabulous looking chopper was assembled using a ZBox 66cc engine and a $180 BigW chopper.

dan's chopper 1
dan's chopper 2

Owner: Daniel Perkins  Uncle Tony Perkins put it together.

dan's chopper 3
dan on chopper

Here is the pics of Dan's bike - it wasn’t to hard to fit and goes great. He loves it - the only trouble he has is getting us old blokes of it.
Thanks again Steve Perkins


aap logo

Bicycles outsell cars in Australia

Australians are turning in greater numbers than ever to pedal power, with bicycles outselling cars for the sixth consecutive year, according to the Cycling Promotion Fund (CPF).

The CPF's Rosemarie Speidel said sales of 1,120,337 bicycles in Australia last year were 13 per cent ahead of motor vehicle sales, which came in at 988,269.

Ms Speidel said feedback from the bicycle industry indicated that the strong sales covered everyday recreational bikes through to high-end road and competition cycles.

Apart from the cost difference and recent petrol price hikes, there were other lifestyle reasons for people choosing to buy a bike.

"We're seeing more and more people riding bikes for recreation and sport, as well as everyday transport," Ms Speidel said.

"There has also been huge growth in cycling events and bicycle tourism."

AAP - Thursday January 5, 2006

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