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Which bike engine kit to buy?

There are a number of good conversion kits on the Australian market these days but buyers should exercise care before making a final decision on which kit they buy.

Please use these considered notes as a buying guide and you will be assured of getting the absolute best quality engine kit that gives thousands of klms of reliable service.

1. Buy your kit from a recognized maker. ZBox Motors is the market leader and the biggest seller in Australia by far - ZBox engine kits are the absolute premium unit on the market today. ZBox has led the world in engine development and quality innovation since 2005. ZBox push the development of our product and use only the highest quality bearings and our factory exceed ISO 9001 quality standards for manufacture.

2. The largest capacity engine made by any other manufacturer is 66cc so you should ignore false claims to the contrary. You may see engines advertised as 70cc or even 80cc capacity - they are all 66cc The ZBox large engine has a redesigned crank and, through ingenious design, is actually a true 70cc motor (this is 4cc larger than any other 80cc bicycle motor advertised in Australia). All engines available in Australia are made in one of six different Chinese factories so you should also ignore false claims such as "American Premium Brand". Our manufacturer has a huge US market presence but we would never make such misleading claims.

3. Avoid buying your kit from online auction sites - you may find a 'bargain' but most of the engines sold from these sites are very poorly made using the cheapest components. EBay is cluttered with junk engine kits. NEVER buy an engine kit with an 'F' prefix such as F50, F70 or F80 - they are useful as boat anchors only and inour experience, vendors do not honour guarantees that they may advertise.

4. Irresponsible sellers may advertise maximum bike speeds which are twice the recommended nominal safe speed. Using speed as a selling point will only give ammunition to legislators who want laws to restrict the use of motorized bikes. We trust ZBox buyers are responsible moped users - not speeding hoons who make things difficult for other bikers.

5. It is wise to check with your local authorities to determine their attitude towards motorized bicycles. ZBox does not want you to buy an engine only to find that you are in trouble for riding it on public roads. The acceptance of motorized bikes varies from state to state and from town to town. It is totally irresponsible for sellers in Australia not to make this absolutely clear to buyers. The caution note contained on every page of this web site applies to all buyers of engine kits, regardless of where they buy their kit. Take care.


damien's bike

Hi. I was lucky enough to be given one of your engines from a friend and at first I Did nothing with it for 6 months and one day while watching the touring cars and having a beer in the shed I set to work putting it on an old 27" I had. At first I didn’t even no if it was going to go but before I even made it to the end of the street it was away. Ever since I have been impressed with its performance, I have attached some pic’s and would like to say for any one else that assembly is explained with good detail and they are a lot of fun.

Damien - Tasmania

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