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Welcome to ZBOX Australia: ZBOX Imports of Australia is pleased to market the best quality 48cc and 66cc (usually classed as 80cc by other vendors) bicycle engines and electric hub motor kits. We sell at the lowest price in the Australia with our 'high turnover - low profit' policy. These bicycle engine kits are great for those who want to convert their own regular mountain or street bicycle in to a motorized bike. The ZBOX Imports Bike Engine Kit comes with every thing you need to convert your regular bicycle in to a motorized bike.

ZBox engine fitted to a 24" bike made up of bits and pieces by Alex Ball of Sydney
Alex made up the bike for his son Remington in June 2006

Buyer's FAQ

Can the kit be used with most bikes if not what kind?
Yes, they are made for regular V-frame street bike or multi speed mountain bike.

Does the Z Box Imports bicycle engine kit fit all size bikes?
The fittings in this bicycle engine kit was designed for 26" bikes and some 24" frame bikes. The motor dimension are: 28 cm high x 24cm long x 12cm wide, however, the angles of the bike frame determine how the motor will sit.

You can fit the motor to any bike if you have the DIY skills, however, for simplicity, the bike should have no rear disc brake, no rear suspension and, as a rule of thumb, 34cm clearance is required at the saddle post (between pedal axle and bottom of the cross bar).

We recommend looking though the picture gallery on our web site as you will most likely find a model similar to the one you wish to fit.

Can I install the bicycle engine kit on a mountain bike?
Yes, you can convert your regular mountain bike into a motorized bike.

How much is freight?
Sydney, NSW/ACT: $15.00
Far West of NSW: $20.00
Melbourne: $15.00
Rest of Vic: $20.00
Adelaide: $20.00
Rest of SA: $30.00
Brisbane, SE Qld: $15.00
Rest of Qld: $20.00
All of Tas: $30.00
Perth: $30.00
Rest of WA & all NT: $40.00

(ZBox uses Star Track Express and Fastway Couriers - they don't deliver to PO boxes)
Pick up available from our Broadbeach Waters warehouse.

Does the bicycle motor kit comes with everything I need?
Yes, the ZBOX Imports bicycle motor kit comes with absolutely everything you need.

Do I need a driver's licence to ride a motorized bike?
We recommend that you check with your local motoring authorities before using your motorised bike on a public road. You may want to read the sensible buying guide also. In general, most states require that the motor produce less than 200 Watts of power unless you register the vehicle. We offer 200 Watt motors for a little extra. Standard 48cc motors produce up to 1200 Watts of power.

Does the bicycle motor come with instructions?
Yes all bicycle motors come with installation and maintenance manual.

Can replacement parts be purchased?
ZBOX Imports has a good inventory of spare parts for the bicycle engine kit. Our inventory is growing with every new shipment.

greg's zbox bellingen
This neat installation was done by Greg Bishop of Bellingen 2007

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