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ZBox can provide both petrol and electric high torque, 200 Watt and 250 Watt engine kits that requires no registration for on road riding in most Australian states other than NSW. (Note that, although petrol powered motors are accepted in all other states, QLD may restrict powered pushbikes to electric power only - you should check with your legal representative if using petrol powered pushbikes on public roads).

Our 200 Watt petrol engines are based on our smaller bicycle engines and have have improved low range torque when compared to a standard 48cc engine. The 200 Watt engines pull better at low revs, however, power delivery does, stop once the motorised bike has reached around 25kph and will not run faster than 30kph on a level road.

Our 200 watt petrol engine has been tested and passed by government approved testing facilities and each motor kit comes with a certificate of approval from a 3rd party engineering company. The engineering certification identifies the engine and confirms that it has been tested to produce just under 200 watts of power.

Our 200 watt engines are incredibly fuel efficient. You can expect to travel over 100 Klm on one litre of fuel.



Electric hub motor kits can offer an additional 50 Watts of power if they comply with Pedaled EN15194 standard. ZBox electric hub motors combine the 200 Watt and 250 Watt standards to bring you the best of rider useability and safety compbined with the extra 50 Watts of power when the rider pedals. All electric motors can pull away from a standing start as they draw greater current under load.

Electric motors are highly efficient and pull slightly better off the mark but have a slightly less mid range torque than our petrol 200 Watt motor (so petrol 200 Watt motors pull fractionally better on hills). The top speed of electric motors is limited to 25KPH. we provide the most powerful legal option - 250W hub motors that comply with EN15194

Price: AUD$375 + normal delivery charge
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ZBOX Australia is a wholesale business - we sell the best engineered bicycle engines and parts at the lowest price in Australia.

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